December 5, 2009

Schilt Crowned K-1 World Grand Prix Champion

Early this morning, Semmy Schilt became the second fighter (Ernesto Hoost was the first) to win a fourth K-1 World Grand Prix title by winning three bouts in the first round early.  Schilt recorded KO victories over Jerome LeBanner, defending champion Remy Bonjasky, and K-1 bad boy Badr Hari.

Schilt also broke the record for fastest K-1 Grand Prix victory, winning his three bouts in a total of 5 minutes, 52 seconds.  The previous record was held by Peter Aerts, who won the 1998 Grand Prix in a total of 6 minutes, 43 seconds.

Reserve Bout:
-Peter Aerts d. Gokhan Saki by unanimous decision.

-Badr Hari d. Ruslan Kaev by 1R TKO (0:38).
-Alistair Overeem d. Ewerton Teixiera by 1R KO (1:06)
-Semmy Schilt d. Jerome LeBanner by 1R TKO (1:27)
-Remy Bonjasky d. Errol Zimmerman by decision.

-Badr Hari d. Alistair Overeem by 1R TKO (2:14).
-Semi Schilt d. Remy Bonjasky by 1R TKO (2:38).

-Semi Schilt d. Badr Hari by 1R TKO (1:48).

-Tyrone Spong d. Kyotaro by unanimous decision.
-Daniel Ghita d. Sergey Kharitonov by 3R TKO (0:36).
-Jan Soukup d. Tsutomu Takahaji by unanimous decision.
-Jai "Heart" Singh d. Makoto Uehara by 2R KO (1:36).
-Ryugi Kajiwara d. Keiichi Samukawa by unanimous decision.
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