December 5, 2009

Abell-Butler Ruled No Contest; Agree To Rematch

The Minnesota Heavyweight Title was on the line at the Target Center, but a winner could not be found.  Two of the most well-known Minnesota boxers, Joey Abell and Raphael Butler faced off for the championship.

The title will have to wait to be awarded though.  An Abell knockdown of Butler came just after the first round bell had rang, but referee Bobby Brunette had just signaled for the fighters to continue.  Abell connected on a three-punch combo that sent Butler down to the mat for the second time and kaos insued.  The bout was first declared a DQ victory for Abell, but soon after the Minnesota Combative Sports Commission ruled the fight a No Contest.  Both fighters agreed to a rematch.

-Joey Abell vs. Raphael Butler ruled a no contest (unintentional foul).
-Larry Sharpe d. Zach Walters by 1R TKO (0:56)

-Gary Eyer d. Levi Cortes by unanimous decision (58-54, 57-56, 57-55)
-Dave Peterson d. Silas Ortley by 1R TKO (1:22).
-Tomi Archambault d. Ronnie Peterson by 2R TKO (injury).

-Tony Lee d. Hector Orozco by unanimous decision (39-36, 39-36, 40-35).

-Boris Shishporenok d. Will Gillette by 2R TKO (0:57).
-Saverino Garcia d. Jacob Dobbe by unanimous decision (40-36, 40-36, 39-37).
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