July 19, 2013

MFC Twitter Conversation Ends In Stunning Fashion

I am not an important person in the world of mma. I'm just another fan/supporter of combat sports and its athletes.

On July 7 while reading through my Twitter feed, I came upon a tweet from Maximum Fighting Championship (MFC) promoter +Mark Pavelich. His claim is that the MFC is the "largest show in Canada" and I responded with the question of what qualifies this statement:

Mr. Pavelich was gracious enough to respond to my question with some facts about his promotion. And they are valid points. The fact that the MFC has been around since 2001 is true. To date, the promotion have hosted 40 events. MFC has a TV contract with +AXS TV Fights (who also show events from +BAMMA+Legacy Fighting Championship, Lion Fights Promotions, +XFC - Xtreme Fighting Championships).

In my response I didn't agree some of those facts make a promotion the "biggest" and thanked Mr. Pavelich for responding. Result: my Twitter account is now BLOCKED by @MaximumFighting and @MarkPavelich!

I don't agree with many statements the MFC promoter make. I do not like how Mark Pavelich seems to promote the MFC and himself above the actual fighters and fights. I disagree with his stance on banning all female fighters from his promotion. His constant focus on #THEMFC and being 'the biggest' is odd. Does it really matter that you are the BIGGEST mma promotion in Canada or Japan or Guatemala???

Put on great fights with real fighters (Thomas Treadwell vs his brother Mike is NOT a good fight with real fighters). Don't say you will have shows in the U.S. (see 2010 interview here*) when you never leave Edmonton!

I have watched MFC since their TV contract began with HDNet/AXStv. I typically tweet live results and follow the fighters under contract with the promotion. And this will not change. But my opinion and respect of its promoter is changed.

* = in this same interview Pavelich praises Antonio McKee (who he later slams & cuts from the MFC) and says "he's going to kick the crap out of that guy [Jacob Volkmann]." Volkmann defeated McKee by split decision. He calls Todd Duffee "one of the top 20 heavyweights in the world" and speaking on +Bellator MMA being around in 2011, "I'll give two to one on that, two to one I'm telling you they won't be and if they are here, count the amount of shows they did this year and the amount of shows they do next year will be half of what they did this year." For the record, Bellator did 22 shows in 2010 and 25 shows in 2011 (MFC had 4).

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