January 24, 2012

Fight Calendar Updated; Combative Sports Commission Notes

The Minnesota fight calendar was updated today. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/8HORgi

The Minnesota Combative Sports Commission met last night. Here are the notes:


Approval and/or additions to Agenda

Approval of November 21, 2011 minutes

Head Trauma Study
 Drs. Rodolfo Savica, Bradley Boeve, and Mario Roberto will discuss head trauma
and what they, the Commission, and fighters can do to help prevent and treat these

Boxing Promoter
 Potential Boxing promoter Bob Stein

Amateur MMA Weigh-ins
 Are amateur MMA fighters cutting weight and should amateur weigh-ins be held the night before an event?

Amateur MMA Championship/Title Bouts
 Should amateur MMA championship/title bouts be five (5), three (3) minute rounds?

New Business:
 Next meeting date – March 19, 2012 at Administration Building
 Next Grievance Committee meeting – February 27, 2012 (if needed)
 Other Business

Gallop– Chair, Brintnall, Brunette, Dempsey, Dolan, Fallon, Henderson, Stein, Tulenchik, Brown – Executive Director

While audience participation is encouraged, the commission reserves the right to limit the audience participation. Please assist the commissioners as they conduct this meeting by limiting your responses to make it possible for the commissioners to transact business of the commission in a timely and efficient manner.

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