February 20, 2009

Thompson tops Daley

Nick "The Goat" Thompson used his superior ground skills to earn a hard fought victory over Paul "Semtex" Daley at MFC 20.

Thompson used effective counter-punching throughout the fight and when the fight moved to the ground Daley could do nothing to stop the attack.

Two judges scored the fight 29-28 for Thompson and the third had it 30-27.

The only moment where Daley did any damage was late into the second round when an over-hand right hit Thompson in the back of the head. A stunned Thompson fell to the mat, but Daley was unable to finish the fight. For Daley, it was enough to win the round on two judges scorecards, but not the fight.

Thompson, who just passed the bar exam, improved his record to 38-10-1. Daley fell to 19-8-2.
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