February 19, 2009

Noble, McKee In Clash Of Styles

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By DEREK VAN DIEST Sun Media - Feb 19, 2009

It's expected to be the ultimate contrast in styles.

Derrick Noble is a stand-up fighter, who's willing to trade punches with an
opponent in the middle of the ring. Antonio McKee is a grappler, looking to
take his opponents down and work on a submission.

Tomorrow the two will meet for the Maximum Fighting Championship world
lightweight title.

"I expect it's going to be kind of a grinding, long fight," Noble said."Antonio is a tough opponent. What he does, he does well, which is take people down and keep him there.

"I trained for the fight to be long and I've trained a lot of wrestling to try and defend what he's going to do. Hopefully I can counter that, get my strikes off and knock him out."

Both Noble and McKee are experienced fighters with nearly 70 fights between

Noble, 30, fights out of Champlain, Minnesota, while McKee calls Lakewood,
California, home.

"I know what he does, he takes people down and he stays on top of them,"
Noble said. "I think this is a contrast of styles. I'm more of a stand-up guy, but I'm not lost on the ground. If he takes me down I know what I'm doing.

"So it's not a case of if he takes me down, he wins and if I stand up, I win."

McKee has been criticized for his style of fighting, which has been called
boring by some in the fight game.

Yesterday at a press conference, he defended the style backed up by a 27-3

"I really think that I've been able to develop something that is unique and special and no one's been able to stop my take downs," McKee said."So it's been effortless for me. I've never been on my back.

"I'm really comfortable on the ground and, at the end of the day, I'm looking to pull out the victory."
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